About us


The designer

Barbara della Rovere is a fashion designer of Brazilian-Italian origin. Her interest in fashion started at a young age when she would create clothes and accessories for her dolls from pieces of fabric that she found in her grandmother's sewing studio. That was when her love for fashion began. 
The talented designer was accepted to the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. The exceptional “tool kit” of skills and confidence that came from attending CSM was invaluable. Her time in London brought out her originality and innovative spirit, fostering a passion for accessories that were edgy without compromising style and elegance. A hunger to learn more about the creative process, brought Barbara to Sorbonne University in Paris where she studied Art History. This acquired knowledge altered the designers perspective on the world of fashion and her approach to the creative process. After Paris Barbara moved to Rome, to work with and learn about Italian leather craftsmanship. With her strong background in design and brand creation, working alongside experienced artisanal craftsmen, fit perfectly with her artistic vision. Following an intense Masters training at the distinguished Accademia Costume e Moda, in Rome, the designer launched her first line of accessories. Barbara is constantly motivated by her passion to create timeless designs coupled with her dedication to preserve the work of artisanal Italian craftsmanship. Although the eternal city of Rome has become her home base, Brazil, France and London still remain a source of inspiration.

The Brand

Barbara della Rovere works with the finest leather craftsmen, in northern Italy, that apply centuries-old techniques to produce her bags. She is always searching for new materials and mixing them to create an innovative style. Each bag has a unique story to tell. One of the brand’s most notable features is the use of fish skins sourced from a women’s cooperative in the South of Brazil. Fish skin is known for its versatility and strength of the leather. Although it is quite thin, the alignment of fibers provides a much more durable product. Barbara chooses to work with this material because of its structure, beauty, texture and above all, sustainability. Reclaiming an ethical relationship between designer and supplier. The philosophy of sourcing sustainable material comes with the hope that our Brand will empower women, by providing alternative economic opportunities to earn a regular income and improve their circumstances. Barbara has recently launched a collaboration with Icelandic fisherman to produce eco-conscious bags. The results are timeless accessories with a unique sense of style.